The Beauty Of A Beveled Stained Glass Window

Beveled glass is not a clear piece of glass which you can see through. It is a thick cut, angled surface that creates a prism-like look. Beveled glass works great for privacy – exterior windows, bathroom windows or doors, and glass pieces that frame a front door. The trick to perfecting your beveled window is to add a beautiful design and textured clear or colored background glass.

Beveled glass can be arranged to create unique designs. Beveled glass creates a disrupted view when looking through to the other side. Add a unique design to your window to give your home a touch of your personality in all areas.

Sue Thomas LLC is a professional glass artist in Northern Colorado. Click here to see a selection of the beveled glass pieces that she’s completed, and remember that she will work with you to create a lovely piece of glass that fits your home perfectly. All of our glass work is custom designed and created which means your beveled piece will be like no other. Even if you choose a design that has already been created, it’s nearly impossible to create each window exactly the same. We are excited to work with you to create beautiful, beveled glass windows.


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