The Possibilities Are Endless For Stained Glass

Stained glass is known for unique beauty. Saying yes to adding custom stained glass panels for windows increases the pleasant feeling in a room as well as the overall value of the home or commercial space. From nature scenes to abstract designs or sparkling beveled windows, the possibilities are endless for a stained glass window.

Nature Scenes

When you close your eyes and picture your favorite place to escape, where do you go? Transform that vision into a piece of stained glass artwork so that you don’t have to close your eyes to see your oasis. Beautiful animals in their natural habitat, a bouquet of your favorite flowers, a view from your most recent vacation you’ll never want to forget… these are just a few ways to let nature inspire your stained glass design in Denver.

Abstract Designs

Geometric patterns and beautiful colors work together wonderfully to create unique windows that play tricks with the light and add personality to any room. Stained glass is perfect for any window as a permanent piece of artwork.

Beveled Windows

Beveled glass is a clear piece with an intricate design. It has an effect that will distort the view without eliminating natural light.  Beveled glass windows work with any interior or exterior color scheme.

Would you like to speak further about creating a unique piece of stained glass artwork for your home in Denver or Northern Colorado? I offer a free consultation.

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