Ideas For Decorating With Stained Glass

While some say that stained glass in Denver is making a comeback in home decor, we say that it never left! However, there is a sweeping art movement in stained glass that transforms traditional designs into a more luxurious and modern presence. Today we’re going to talk about some new and exciting ways in which you can incorporate stained glass into your Colorado home.

First, take a step back and take a visual sweep of your home. Is it cluttered? Do you have a fireplace? Are there bookshelves? Is it bland and colorless? Are there windows that affect the lighting or dimensions of the room in which you’re looking to add stained glass? Is there a television or artwork mounted in the room?

If you have a fireplace and it happens to be white, along with your walls, then you may want to add a pop of color with stained glass that flanks the chimney. If there’s a window on one of the walls by your chimney, this is a perfect place to add stained glass!



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