Victorian Style Stained Glass Brought To 2016 Colorado

The Victorian era is a time period defined by the reign of England’s Queen Victoria from the early 19th century to the start of the 20th century. At this time much of the world was at political peace, which gave the arts a time to shine. Historically, stained glass was very popular during the Dark Ages, but King Henry VIII and Puritans destroyed many of the churches and stained glass windows. It regained popularity during the Victorian era and has maintained a steady popular following since that time.

One of the leading stained glass artists during the Victorian era was Thomas Willement, an English artist. He specialized in beautiful geometric patterns, family crests, and pictorial representations with stained glass as his medium. In fact he even became known as the “Artist in Stained Glass” to Queen Victoria herself. Artists since this time have continued to replicate his delicate style.

Today we have Sue Thomas, a local Colorado glass artist who carries this special form of art into the 21st century. A true artist creates art out of passion rather than as a business. Sue Thomas regularly oooohs and aaaahs at the beautiful stained glass creations that resemble Victorian stained glass patterns. Together with her clients, she creates exquisite pictorial pieces with natural influences, geometrical patterns, or abstract flair.

The beauty of stained glass in your home is as close as having one consultation with Sue Thomas. Share your vision, and let her turn that vision into a piece of beautiful art that reflects a wonderful time of history.

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