Great Ways To Make A New Home Unique

The Colorado economy is booming! People are flocking to Denver faster than the weather changes. The housing and real estate market is hustling to keep with the flow. Some folks are rushing into any place that they can find, while others are waiting for the perfect home to start fresh. No matter your speed for buying a home in Colorado, there are a few things you can do to make your new place unique and totally Colorado.

Add a stained glass window or two.

I’m starting this list with my favorite. Traditionally paned windows are great and all, but there’s something special about installing a custom stained glass window into your new home. I specialize in nature scenes, abstract designs, and beveled glass. This means you can transform your kitchen windows into a beautiful scene, create a beveled glass bathroom window to add privacy and beauty, or mask the windows framing your front door with a colorful pattern to stop the new nosy neighbors; these are just some of the few ideas that make stained glass a great idea for your new home.

Give yourself plenty of storage space.

Coloradans are known for adventure. It’s not too often that you find a local who enjoys staying inside all of the time. The great outdoors are calling, and there are plenty of activities that require specific gear. Large garages are great for holding said gear, but sometimes a huge garage is not a possibility. Instead, consider unique storage opportunities, such as utilizing the space under the staircase or beds as separate storage units. Install shelves wherever you can to use wall space. A simple trick is to immediately give everything a “place.” If you know where something goes, then you’ll keep your space organized, which gives you extra time for the activity since you’re not looking for the gear!

Stay tuned for a few more tips about ways to make a new home uniquely yours from your local stained glass expert in Denver, Sue Thomas. Welcome to Colorado!

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