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"We wholeheartedly recommend Sue Thomas"

We recently purchased and remodeled a historical loft.  The best decision we made for our project was to have Sue Thomas make the custom glass interior windows for the open spaces.  The finished glasswork looks amazing and exceeded our high expectations.  We wholeheartedly recommend Sue Thomas for stained glass.

Patti  1/19/2017

"Aspen trees full door"

I just wanted to drop you a short follow-up note. We love the aspen stained glass you made for us – absolutely delighted! It’s pretty and looks very different in the changing light of the day – even in the dark when the white trunks show up.  Thank you.  Karl & Anna

"I know of no other artist who is as wonderful as Sue"

April, 2014


My first good impression of Sue Thomas was that she initially offered to meet at my home.  Her organization with all her stained glass samples and portfolio was amazing.  She never delegated work including the final installation of the stained glass into the door.


Her impressive organization made my final specific choice of color and type of glass a joy.  During the fun development period, Sue was only concerned that the vision in my head would result by her eyes and hands.  She would provide artistic advice only when asked.


Sue creates the best stained glass work I’ve ever seen.  She made a one-of-a-kind door at a price only slightly above a door from Home Depot.  I know of no other artist who is as wonderful as Sue and who strives to make stained glass affordable.


Because I was so ecstatic regarding the first door Sue created, I asked her to make a back door as well.  I plan to die in the home I am now in, but should I ever have to move, Sue’s doors are going with me and the new people will have to make do.

"As soon as I saw Sue’s work I fell in love with it immediately."

5/5 stars April 8, 2013


As soon as I saw Sue’s work I fell in love with it immediately. When I initially contacted her I was astounded by the price as it was very reasonable. Sue came to my home with pictures of her work and different samples of glass in amazing colors. I first fell in love with her work, but after meeting fell in love with her also. We decided on the theme of what the door would be and most of the colors.


The door was ready much quicker than what I had expected. Sue came to my home to install it, and asked that I leave the room before she brought it in. I am so glad I did. When I re-entered the room there were no words, only tears. It was even better than I expected it would be.


Every day, I go out of my way to look at this door! It is simply a phenomenal piece of art that I can’t take my eyes off of. When guests come I set it up with the door to my master bedroom closed and have the light on in the bathroom. With the stained glass door closed you can see the effect of the vibrant colors. Every visitor who has come has been in total amazement.


Sue’s artistic ability is amazing along with her intuition to create the perfect piece.

"Excellent job Sue!"

5/5 stars March 31, 2013


I had Sue make stained glass windows for several high windows, to help control light and add a finishing touch to that room, I then had her make a 5′.5″ square for above the landing in my stairway to add privacy to that area without blocking light. I finished my basement bar and asked her to make a large mirror with grapes and vines around it.  It is stunning!  The final task I had for Sue was to create a set of glass windows for my office doors, it was a growling bear hiding behind a tree with huge paws and claws on the other side. They turned out beautiful, help control the light at the same time I believe they help insulate the window. Excellent job Sue! I would and have highly recommended Sue’s work.

"My window is the most beautiful I have ever seen."

5/5 stars March 28, 2013


Sue is very easy to work with, her artistic ability totally amazes me.  She also delivers when promised.  My window is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

"Sue has made over 20 custom pieces for my home."

5/5 stars March 27, 2013


Sue has made over 20 custom pieces for my home. Her installation is flawless and her work is most exceptional, unique and of the highest quality. If she is busy she is definitely worth the wait. I would not considering any other designer.

"It is beautiful!"

5/5 stars March 25, 2013


I have three stained glass productions from Sue Thomas. I love each one of them. The first one I saw and said, “I want it.” A few years later we talked about what I would like and she produced another piece for me. And then, I moved into a new office with a window that needed covered. She presented some ideas and I decided which one I liked. She made it and it is beautiful! I get many compliments on it. She talks to you enough that she has a good idea of what you want. I didn’t know you could do to a window what she did to this one, because it didn’t take the place of the glass. When I leave this office, I will take that stained glass with me!! She was the one who told me that was a choice. I appreciated it.

"If you want stained glass in your house I highly recommend her."

5/5 stars March 25, 2013


Sue Thomas designs and creates beautiful stained glass. She has an exceptional ability to design windows which fit the space, color, scale, and movement of light in a room. She is easy to work with. If a client has an idea for a design but cannot draw, she asks thoughtful questions, determines what the client would like, and prepares the design.


Each time Sue has done this, she has been spot on with what I wanted but could never have come up with myself. She listens carefully to thoughts on color and shapes, and makes suggestions that improved what I had in mind.


If you have a design already and know just what you want, she will create that exactly as you want it. She has also done this for me.


Sue is a delight to work with and the windows she created for our home enhanced its beauty and its value. She delivers what she says she will when she says she will. If you want stained glass in your house I highly recommend her.

"Absolutely the best."

5/5 stars March 25, 2013


Sue Thomas is a consummate professional and ultimate in truly custom glass design. I have six different pieces that we have collaborated on, from windows to decorative mirrored designs. Absolutely the best. And her prices are so affordable. Worth twice her price.

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